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Village Fêtes in Charente Maritime

The village Fete is a key part of village life all over France. It involves all the inhabitants getting together around some local event or monument and eating, drinking and dancing until late into the night. They can reminisce about how the… Read More

Ile d’Oléron – Charente Maritime

Ile d’Oléron is France’s second largest island after Corsica, but it’s a lot more accessible for cyclists as it’s linked to the mainland with a bridge which means it’s a great place for a day trip. We had a day off recently… Read More

La Flow Vélo

The sun was out last week so the best thing to do was go for a bike ride with people you’ve never met before on a route that has only just been completed! La Flow Vélo is one of France’s newest bike… Read More

5 Amazing Cycling Trips in Charente Maritime

Here are 5 amazing, wonderful and different day trips out that you can have cycling in Charente Maritime. Fat Biking in Fôret de la Coubre with Johann Vigneaud. Johann is a local and regional mountain bike and fat bike champion who loves… Read More