Here are 5 amazing, wonderful and different day trips out that you can have cycling in Charente Maritime.

  1. Fat Biking in Fôret de la Coubre with Johann Vigneaud.
    Johann is a local and regional mountain bike and fat bike champion who loves taking people around the forest in his spare time.
    The beautiful pine forest of La Coubre is a protected area that covers almost 8,000 hectares and is the largest in the département. There is a network of trails through the forest and along the dunes and Johann knows them all. You will go amongst the pines and end up cycling along the beach at Ronce-les-Bains.

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    And by the way, this day out is for everyone – those are ‘assisted’ fat bikes!

  2. Cycle around the grass Vélodrome des Acacias in Champagnolles.
    The only grass vélodrome in Europe is right here in Charente Maritime!
    Built in 1938, it has been host to many stars of the cycling world over its long history.
    Once a year it is opened up to the public and you can have a go.

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    The day has developed into the village fête as well so you’re sure of a good feed and some local wine.

  3. Go for a ride around the local area with Adrian.
    Adrian has been visiting Charente Maritime for 30+ years and knows the backroads so can take you around the area and show you the sights.
    All you have to do is pedal.

If you haven’t got a bike with you just let him know, great quality road bikes can be hired in Vaux-sur-Mer.

  • Vélorail
    All over France disused local railways are being renovated and with the addition of some ‘alternative’ rolling stock you can cycle along them taking in the countryside whilst doing some exercise.
    The local Vélorail goes from Cozes to St André de Lidon or from St André de Lidon to Gémozac through the fields and  vines.
  • Watch the opening days of the 2018 Tour de France
    OK, so this isn’t really on a bike or in Charente Maritime BUT the Grand Départ of the biggest bike race in the world is starting in the Vendée this year which is just up the road (in French terms)!

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  • I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions for cycling trips in Charente Maritime, please ask me for any more info about the area on the form below!

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